Medicare Madness Survey


We can hardly wait to celebrate Medicare Madness together!

Although no official rsvp or fee to attend is needed, Barone's does need  to know how

many pizzas to deliver to the Lake Ellyn Boathouse.

(Thank you Anonymous Classmate for this delicious donation)!

And your fellow Classmates want to see who will be attending.

Whether you stop by to say "hi" or stay and celebrate all night (or till Boathouse staff kicks us out), it will be great to see you.

Medicare Madness Celebration -Glenbard West Class of '76

Saturday, September 16, 2023 -Glenbard West Homecoming Weekend

Lake Ellyn Boathouse 

5-9 pm

Casual Open House 









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1)   * Will you be attending the Glenbard West Class of ‘76 Medicare Madness Celebration?

  Yes! I wouldn’t miss it! You only turn 65 once!
  Maybe. Still thinking about it.
  No. Sorry can’t make it.
2)   * If you are attending the Medicare Madness Celebration, may we list your name so Classmates will know you’re attending?

This survey ended on 09/19/2023.