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Terri Goodwin (McDonnell)

Written on Laura's Facebook page on December 3, 2013 by her loving husband, Mike Miller:

Good night Sweetie

December 3, 2013

From the time we met, Laura and I just clicked together like a couple of magnets. We both felt that our love was so pure, so strong that we were protected...nothing could tear us apart.

In the early morning on Tuesday, Laura passed away peacefully, in bed next to me. 
For so long, she fought so hard with determination and grace, utterly convinced that she would win. I believed. She never complained, although I thought she had every right to. On the contrary, Laura always said she felt blessed. I'm blessed to have known her, but twenty years isn't long enough. When the Dr. gave us the diagnosis and prognosis, I said, "There aren't any guarantees in life, and a hundred years wouldn't be enough, so I'll take whatever time we have, I'll be grateful and I won't complain". Big words that I'm having a hard time living up to. But I'm a better person for knowing Laura... because she made me want to be a better person. She always saw the best in people...she deserved the best me I could be. 
We found something to laugh about every day, right up to the end. It was only the last couple of days that I realized she was slipping away from me...

Another star, twinkling in the night, you were my Sun...the warmth in my heart, the smile on my face...the love of my life and my reason for being.
Good night Sweetie, I love you so much...Thank you for a wonderful day.

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